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The following guides are for use by existing, contracted Tamesis authors.

Tamesis Author Guidelines
This guide aims to help you to prepare your text for the press and to describe the various stages in the publication process. (download PDF document 167 KB)

Tamesis House Style Notes
In producing our authors' books we aim to publish text that is well written according to generally accepted rules of English grammar, and well presented according to generally accepted typographical practice. These alphabetically ordered notes provide a collection of conventions which we prefer to follow. (download PDF document 238 KB)

The information on this style sheet is of course not always applicable to manuscripts submitted in Spanish or containing quotations in Spanish. On these occasions, normal Spanish conventions should apply, for example in the capitalisation of book titles.

Tamesis Indexing Guidelines
This guide is intended primarily for authors who, for the first time, need to index their own work; it also includes information on how indexes should be formatted and submitted to Tamesis Books. It is not intended to be exhaustive. If you want to know more about indexing see the Further Reading section at the end of the guide. (download PDF document 117 KB)


Although you will be very familiar with the material, you should bear in mind that the index needs to be easily usable by readers coming to your work for the first time; their terminology or conceptual grasp of the subject may be different from your own. This is particularly true if you are writing a book for a general readership rather than for the academic community.

If possible, arrange with a colleague or friend to (a) review the index at an early stage to see if you're going in the right direction and (b) try using the completed index to look up a few topics.

The amount of time required to produce a good index should not be underestimated. Indexing is a creative task in its own right and a good index will make a good book immeasurably better.


The indexing process breaks down into stages.

  1. Preparation before you receive page-proofs
  2. Compilation of the index entries and their page references from page proofs
  3. Editing the index

You will receive a separate set of page-proofs for the purpose of indexing. You will normally be given three weeks from page-proof stage to compile the index.

Tamesis Author Permissions Request

For permission to reprint excerpts from material published by Tamesis, please send a completed Author Permissions Request Form to the Account Department.

Tamesis Author Permissions Request Form (download Word document 115 KB)
Tamesis Author Permissions Request Form (download PDF document 94 KB)

Copyright Resources

Copyright Guidelines
Published jointly by the British Academy and the Publishers Association